HP 08673-60244 Attenuator programmable 90Db

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HP 08673-60244 Attenuator programmable 90Db


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RF Parts Repair\Rebuild Service – Step by Step

Few steps to request our repair service:

  • Visit RF Parts Rebuild category in our shop, find a part and send us your request using our RFQ (Request For Quote) link.
  • If your RF part is not listed in our shop please Contact us directly for support.
  • Wait for our reply with more information on how to ship the goods at our laboratory
  • Ship your malfunctioning test equipment or RF part to us
  • We perform fault diagnosis
  • We present you with our best repair quote
  • If you accept our quote, we work on the item
  • You can then follow up your status order on our site and ask for any tracking information
  • We require advance payment for the goods. Payment is due before ANY goods or services are delivered
  • If you do not accept our repair quote, your item is shipped back
  • You must cover return shipping costs

For any questions please Contact us.